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Copas Farms grow seasonal fruits and vegetables which are primarily selected for their flavour. They are grown using modern planting and cultivation techniques and only the minimum amount of fertilisers and insecticides are used to control pests.

We aim to make visits to our Pick Your Own farms enjoyable and try to provide a pleasant and easy environment in which to pick. We also look to help educate on the importance of locally grown produce.


The table below shows the main cropping seasons for the most popular of our Pick Your Own fruit and vegetables This is a guide only as each season can vary quite a lot, so do call the Message Line for up-to-date information. Due to the vagaries of the English weather, seasons and availability can vary.

For more individual information on each of the main fruits or vegetables shown on the table please click on the fruit or vegetable name.

Crop May June July August September
Asparagus Asparagus-85x40 Asparagus-85x40
Strawberries Strawberries-85x40 Strawberries-85x40 Strawberries-85x40 Strawberries-85x40
Blackcurrants Blackcurrant-85x40 Blackcurrant-85x40
Raspberries Raspberries-85x40 Raspberries-85x40 Raspberries-85x40
Cherries  Cherries-85x40 Cherries-85x40
Plums Plums-85x40  Plums-85x40
Apples Apples-85x40 Apples-85x40
Broad Beans BroadBeans-85x40 BroadBeans-85x40 BroadBeans-85x40
Runner Beans RunnerBeans-85x40 RunnerBeans-85x40
Peas Peas-85x40 Peas-85x40 Peas-85x40
Sweetcorn Sweetcorn-85x40 Sweetcorn-85x40

(Not included in the Table above)

Gooseberry and Almond Tarte
Roasted Gooseberries
Lamb Chops with Courgettes and Harissa
Rhubarb Crumble Cake
Beetroot, Carrot and Ginger Salad
Blackberry and Custard Ice Cream
Blackberry Vodka