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Estate Property


In order to survive in a tough economic climate, Copas Farms Estate began to change during the 1980’s from a purely farming business to one with a more diverse base. With some of our farm buildings becoming out-of-date for modern farming, we began offering these to let for non-agricultural use in 1989. This area of the business continues to grow and today constitutes a main source of income.

We currently have over 300 commercial units and are encouraged to see that our commercial buildings are providing a valuable source of employment for local people. We are keen to continue to support small and medium sized businesses run by local entrepreneurs as tenants as this further helps to strengthen the local community and rural economy. By encouraging people to work nearer to their homes it also reduces commuting distances and pressure on the local infrastructure. 

If you’re looking for a commercial space for rent, please call us on 01628 529595 or email to see whether we can help.


Building on our rental experience, we have also been converting or redeveloping some buildings on our commercial and agricultural sites to residential homes. At Beenham, our construction team successfully completed a large project to convert two Georgian buildings, which were being used as offices, and one commercial building into apartments. We have also built a variety of different sized homes on a number of our sites throughout Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. This is helping to provide housing for local residents at all levels of the property ladder.

Container Storage

At Copas Farms Estate we have over 160 containers that we rent out for commercial and personal use. Whatever your requirements, please call us on 01628 529595 or email .


We have a number of leisure spaces that we rent out on our estate. At our farm in Medmenham, we have rustic shepherds huts situated on a large fishing pond, which offers the perfect weekend away for an avid angler. We also rent overnight mooring on the River Thames.


Copas Farms Estate has seen an increasing demand for grazing land for horses as the popularity of equestrian pursuits, both sporting and recreational, continues to grow. As a consequence our poorer land (with less yield potential) is increasingly being used to provide grazing for horses and we are also investing in new and improved facilities including manége, horse walkers, gallops and stables. We also rent out land for equestrian grazing.


Film Locations, Wedding and Corporate Events

Whether you are looking for a wide open space to film, or an area to hold a corporate event, we have a number of locations throughout Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire that might be suitable to accommodate your requirements.


We have two stretches of river together with backwaters, two large lakes and a pond which are made available to local angling clubs for rent.
Existing ponds in some instances have been enlarged by the excavation of ballast for use on the farm to make concrete and to create a larger wetland habitat. Within our ponds we have also created islands for wildfowl.