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Copas Farms acknowledge the attractiveness of the countryside and accept the importance of footpaths and bridleways to make access available. Wherever possible we expand the network of Public Footpaths by creating ‘permitted paths’. On a number of farms these Permitted Paths provide attractive circular walks.



In addition to expanding the footpath network, Copas Farms also make available Areas of Public Open Space. Currently two areas of riverside land (about 45 acres each) are made available – one in Cookham, near Maidenhead and the other at Medmenham, near Marlow. We also have Public Viewing Areas – one appreciates the view across Chesham Vale and the other gives a view across a pond to the Chiltern Hills at Watlington.

In Cookham part of Marsh Meadow is designated as a Schools Conservation Area and is made available for children to visit.  The area incorporates a large pond with two dipping platforms, log piles attracting insects, bird boxes and even a bucket buried for a survey on Stag Beetles. Sheeting laid on the ground encourages grass snakes and slow worms to warm themselves and a home is provided for voles. By lifting the sheet all becomes visible and this proves a huge favourite with the children! For more information visit:

Other areas on the farm are also being ear-marked for Nature Reserve areas where the general public will be discouraged from gaining access so that a sanctuary evolves for wildlife.