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Copas Farms recognise that farmers do not always get the best press and therefore we consider it an extremely important part of our business to interact with the communities in the areas in which we farm.

In addition to hosting Farm Walks and School Visits, Copas Farms has developed a Farmland Management Strategy for most of our landholdings. These documents are in the public domain and copies are available on request from the Farm Office. Their purpose is to develop a strategy for the management of Copas Farms’ land which is both beneficial to the local community and compatible with operating a viable, sustainable farming business.

The hope is that the Farmland Management Strategies go some way towards explaining the rationale behind our farming activities and help to increase understanding. They are circulated within the communities in which we farm to generate dialogue and feedback and this in turn proves invaluable when reviewing plans for the future.


Marsh Meadow is run by The Marsh Meadow Management Committee and the space has been provided  for charitable events such as the Cookham Regatta, Let’s Rock the Moor, Macmillan Mighty Hike and Thames Path Challenge. Over the years in excess of £250,000 has been raised from these events for charity and local causes. In 2021 a donation of £30,000 was divided between The Link Foundation, Wooden Spoon, Child Bereavement UK and local charities.